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"I'm no hero. I just did what I had to do..."

When people hear John speak, they are moved by his authenticity. While Hurricane Katrina doesn't define who he is, it's something he says he "needed".  In the wake of the storm, lives were indeed destroyed and transformed; but for John Keller life was renewed.


Spotlight media attention gives John the opportunity to make a difference by speaking about the things that matter most to him. His story connects beyond race, class, gender and national borders to inspire a global village that includes Brazil, Norway, Netherlands, Israel, Russia, South Africa, Canada, U.K, France, Ireland and many other countries around the world.


His universal message is liberating and empowering.


April 6, 2007

Dear John Keller,

Friends still living in the New Orleans area sent us the Times Picayune article about "The Can Man". Our mom was living in an American Can Company apartment at the time of Katrina and she was wheelchair bound. It took us days to locate her after the storm. She had been sent to a nursing home in Fort Worth, Texas. By the time we got to her she had been so traumatized that she couldn't give us information about what she went through during and after Katrina. I want to thank you and your helpers for all that you did for the American Can residents. The senior citizens were so vulnerable and your protection of them was admirable. Mom died on October 29, 2005, exactly two months after the hurricane. I'm thankful we were with her at the time and she didn't have to die alone. Thank you again for using your talents to save so many.

God bless you,



Jan 30, 2020

We (I) certainly need more people in our lives. People of action! People who give of themselves without asking for any kind of recognition/reward... People like YOU John. You're the kind of person that makes others want to follow in your footsteps (maybe not starting with a 244 soul save but maybe helping an elderly person carry groceries or help cross the street!!! So often talked about but rarely ever done. Again, thank you for reminding me that giving of yourself so often is the reward...


Jan 29, 2020



Jan 29, 2020 

Good morning John! I’m watching the Hardcore Hero’s program that features you! I’m sure you are getting lots of messages but I want to say THANK YOU sir! I pray that God would bless and keep you all the days of your life!! You sir, are a real hero!!! Again, THANK YOU SIR!!!


Jan 29, 2020

John Keller you are a TRUE AMERICAN HERO. I just saw your story on AHC and it touched my soul. You taking control of a terrible situation is beyond imaginable. What you went through with the rescue situation with people the white people on the roof just to get food, I felt your pain, thank you for not giving up, thank you for your dedication, and thank you for being the man you are.


Jan 29, 2020 

Man I heard your story. You should be more recognized. Strength is power but a soul seems to be stronger.


Jan 17, 2020 

WOW I’m so happy God gave us you I never have seen an act like this. Heaven has a place for you. This man is just amazing really amazing man that God has given us


Jan 17, 2020

This man is a true example American Hero


Jan 6, 2020

Semper Fi! Brother. I need to say GOD BLESS YOU, SIR!, which I do. Just watching American Heroes show and you! You are a great man and being a former Marine, former cop I am so proud of you and what you did there! You done us all proud!! I was Vietnam Vet with short time there with Hotel 2/9 in 72, and then came home and was assistant instructor at Little Creek, and actually trained recon Marines, Green Berets etc in amphib recon. On an Tdy assignment at Roosevelt Roads , PI. Sir your quite a man. I must tell you here though that I was so infuriated at the part when you said the white people were the best the helo’s helped. I cannot explain how bad that infuriates me. It does not matter but I am white and there ain’t no way that color should matter to anyone!!! John I really hope you have a great life! I am very religious and believe me I’ve already said prayers for you and asked GOD to put more men like you here on earth! Semper Fi!


Jan 6 2020

I don’t live in Louisiana, I never lived in the AC, but I appreciate you & all of your efforts. You’re an amazing human & a tru role model. I would b thrilled if my son were to look to you & your actions as a blueprint for himself, or any difficult situations he may face in the future.
May G@d bless & keep you 🥰

Mary Alice

Jan 6, 2020

I am watching your story on Hardcore Heroes. Well done, sir, well done! May God bless you.


Jan 6, 2020

John Keller USMC.....I know that you've been told this time and time again, but I'd like to say THANK YOU 🇺🇲🇺🇲✝️✝️


Jan 6, 2020

Just saw the show on the History Channel, Hardcore Heroes. Glad I did. Your story was very inspiring until the part about putting White people on the roof to get help. As a White person, please accept my apology. We’re not all like that. People like you are what makes America a great Country. Putting others before yourself was a noble action and the fact that you are a Veteran is reassuring. As a fellow vet, I salute you young man. May God bless you and yours


Jan 6, 2020

You are an inspiration and true hero. Just wanted to tell you that.


Dec 31, 2019

Just watched a video on tv of what you’ve done during Katrina...amazing...


Nov 3, 2019 

Just saw your story! I have never heard of you until now. Bless you!! Is the movie about you ever going to come out? Everyone needs to know about you! You’re amazing a true American hero. I can’t but believe that if your skin was another color you would be a household name by now. You’re amazing!!


Nov 3, 2019 

I just seen what you did for the people of that building during the hurricane, as a white man I'm disappointed in how our government treated people but I am thankful to see there are people like you who are are still in this world. you gave me hope again in people .


Nov 3, 2019 

I saw a show on AHC today and you were on it. I'd be honored to be your friend on FB I know in my heart that you never thought twice about what to do to help the people you saved. How can I send you a friend request. I'm sure it's easy but I'm an old vet and not too savvy on this technology. I just want to be a friend.


Nov 3, 2019

I Just saw the story about what you did to help those people of Katrina...god bless you brother, the world is a better place with folks like you... Charels, Vietnam vet


Oct 7, 2019 

I consider you one hell of a great American ! I seen a story about your heroics and felt angry about how you and others were treated simply because of color. Too me , all of you are American citizens and i am extremely honored to know that there are men like you in this country. Semper Fi brother !



Sep 2, 2019

My husband and I just watched Hardcore Heroes. We are inspired by your determination, resourcefulness, but mostly your integrity. God Bless You, Sir! ✝️🙏🏼♥️☺️


Sep 2, 2019

I just watched Hardcore heroes. You are amazing. I cried when I thought about how you perseverd through all of that. You are more than a hero. You are an angel


Sep 2, 2019

As Hurricane Dorian bears down about us, your story was on AHC. Thank you for your service and for helping The Can during Katrina. You are much more than a hero, your a great human being.

Preacher Jim

Sep 2 2019

Bro, just saw your story on Hardcore Heroes. Wish I could shake your hand. Preacher Jim


Sep 2 2019

you are the best of humanity ,you give me hope John , you are my hero, there have been very few like you. I pray those who have seen who you are, can find courage in there life no matter what!!!. you have given me something I need during a hard time in my life. may you find your place of happiness and peace in this world.


Sep 2, 2019

I just saw your story on Hardcore Heros. I commend you on your heroics. I’m sorry you had to use my race to get action. An embarrassment. God bless you for this and your military service.


Aug 31, 2019

Hello John, I saw Hurricane 360 on the Weather Channel and your story of hopelessness following Hurricane Katrina. You said you weren't a hero. You couldn't have been more wrong. You are what heroes look up to. The world is a better place with you in it.


Aug 31, 2019 

As I watch the Weather Channel Anniversary of Katrina...A mighty Mighty OOOOOOHHHrah to you. I worked the phone for Entergy during years after Katrina...Bless Up Sir!!!!


Aug 11, 2019

Thank you for being who God intended for you to be. He created you. The Marines molded you. What a fine man you are. Thank you for your service (my husband is a 22yr Marine) to our country and protecting ALL of America and God knew the man He needed in NO on that day of Katrina. God Bless you John! You are a good person. Much prayers for your life.


Aug 11 2019 

 I just watched your story today, it gives me hope that there are still people out there fighting the good fight and following a moral compass even in the hardest times. People have to have a code and if more people had yours the world would be a lot better place. There is a lot to worry about in the next generation, but every time someone tells your story - it gives an example and inches humanity just a little bit closer to a safe tomorrow. Safe travels!


Aug 11, 2019

Just now saw the story of this man on American Heroes. I haven’t the words strong enough to describe how loving, caring, strong and heroic this man is. It absolutely disgusted me to know that a race mattered in this situation or any other as far as that goes. God bless him and all the people he saved.
One of kind angel for sure. 💜


Aug 11, 2019

Saw a tv show just now called "HARDCORE HEROES" and you John Keller was one of the heroes!!!! May I take this time to say how proud my husband (a 22yr MARINE) and I are of you! I know God made you a good person and the military molded you into a hero. Thank you for your service of our country and for helping so many when there was only you and God. I hope you are well and happy and still being a soldier of God. My family appreciates you!! Much love in Christ


Aug 11, 2019

I just watched what you did. Your a badass i salute you sir


Jun 25, 2019



Jun 24, 2019

John Keller you are one BadA$$ Marine. 

Thank you for you service in Iraq & Katrina.


June 24, 2019

True American Hero right here God bless you sir. You are a true inspiration


Jun 24, 2019

 John you are a true blue Marine I was too as Marines we don’t see color but what they did to you can not be forgiven The World needs more like you


Jun 20, 2019

Dear John, I found out a few days ago that my friend who was big like you had died at the age of 43, when a tree in his backyard fell on him. He has a wife and two babies. As I was scrambling my brain to file that in the right container, I remembered reading about you and Katrina and I Googled your story. My friend took his kids to pre-school and sat on the floor with their classmates and told them that he was big, but not scary. He was a national treasure. So are you. As I read about your story again today and listened to an interview in which you described the helicopters responding to white people in wheelchairs on the roof of your building after days of ignoring you and the rest of your neighbors, I don't even know how to talk about that here. Rage maybe. And sorrow. I wanted to find out if we, as a community and a nation of people, have used what you taught us in any real way to build and to protect and connect us together. I moved to Cleveland from NYC last August. I lived in NYC during Superstorm Sandy and 9/11. NYC had become caustic for me under this new administration, but the POTUS and our current Mayor and his wife. We have got to find a way to work together and it just was not happening in my neighborhood. I am learning how to live here now. I will read the rest of your website. I just want to thank you deeply and profoundly. You are a national treasure, if ever there was one. I am loathe to ask you to do another single thing. You maybe have done enough for us already. I am tempted to ask you to run for office, but more than that even would be to ask you to encourage other veterans to run - for the PTA, the city council, the countty executive, the community board - at all levels of government. The nation truly needs you all. I love that drawing with you on the roof with the helicopter. Whichever child drew that for you has said all that I came here to say.


Jun 18, 2019

I just saw your story during hurricane Katrina and I have to say Bravo my brother and God Bless you. What you did to save many lives, makes me want to work harder to be a better person.


Jun 14, 2019

just saw the program with hurricane Katrina. great story and you were amazing helping all of the people in your building


Jun 7, 2019

If we did it for the thanks, we’d never do it. From someone who understands what you did for those folks, I’m sorry for the prejudice you endured and thankful for the help you gave and your service which affords me the freedom I enjoy.


Jun 7, 2019

I just watched an episode of Hardcore Heroes and it was about your story and saving people in the wake of Hurricane Katrina and I just wanted to say thank you I'm sure you've heard that a thousand times but I know it can't be enough your service to the country is enough to be grateful for and then your service after leaving the military is something beyond what you needed to do and you were very humble in this TV show which is hard to be for some of us I'm just glad that there's people like you with courage and bravery to get a job like that done a lot of people lived because of you a lot of people live because of you so thank you


Jun 7, 2019 

I just watched a show about what you did how you helped all those people I wanted to tell you that you are a awesome guy and the world needs more people like you. You are a hero brother.


Jun 2, 2019

John, I saw your story on  AMC. We need more people like you in these terrible times. Thank you for your service to our Nation and your Community. I hope  for nothing but the best for you and your family. Bless you. I will keep you in my prayers. 


Jun 2, 2019 

I want everyone in the United States to take note. This is American Exceptionality.
Bless you. This is What a super Hero looks like


Jun 2, 2019

I just watched your story on tv you are truly a Hero an inspiration to all of us thank you for saving all those lives an Specially serving our country so sorry that race played apart in getting supplies that truly saddened my heart we are all Americans An are the same color inside god is truly working through you Thank you so much god bless


Jun 2, 2019

You sir are a true hero,a hero to those you helped and a hero to all that hear the story. Because good people still exist...thank you for your service. Especially the service to those here at home.


Jun 2, 2019

Hello I hope all is well with you today I would just like to say I just saw your story on the history channel and I was completely blown away the things that you did for all of those people was amazing I have always known that God it's real just watching your story confirms everything that I've always known you are a blessing and if no one has told you today thank you for what you did for all of those people may God continue to bless you


May 24, 2019 

God bless you John Keller. You are an inspiration.


May 24, 2019

Hello JOHN. My name is Carl. I am a 73 year young war vet from VIETNAM. First sir i want to thank you for your service to our country as a U.S. MARINE. second i want to thank you for your service of love and compassion in all the many acts of helping others during the terrible hurricane Katrina. i am sure you put yourself in danger many times as you gave of yourself to help save others. our country needs more hero`s like you. John i SALUTE YOU SIR and i thank GOD for you sir.


May 24, 2019

Damn Good Man thanks John


Mar 24, 2019

Mr Keller sir I know your sick of hearing strangers out of no place telling you something or asking something.

I did just see your heroic story of Katrina. And I know I won’t hear back but you sure put some long lost pride in me. The way our country has gone to shit, and the people who cause that, made me mean. I’m so proud of you I can’t word it out. I’m still shamed and in disbelief as a white man, that it took putting white folks on the roof to get help. Makes me sick and wanting some pay back from those responsible. Mr. Keller thank you with all I got for your service to our country. Knowing men still exist like you gives me hope.


Mar 24, 2019

Your experience during hurricane Katrina should be more published than what it've exposed the racism going on still today I experienced the same thing during that time not with race but who got taken car of first. The national guard took care of their selves first. It really is disgusting to know the color of a person's skin dictates their rescue


Mar 24, 2019

Marine John Keller! Shipmate, God Bless you and Thank you for your service to God, Country and Humanity!


Mar 24, 2019

I’m sitting here in PA watching a show about American Heroes and it is about a John Keller. If only more people were as selfless as you. If there is something I can do to help you help others, please IM me. It is no longer enough to give you a thumbs up.


Mar 17, 2019

The World need more Men like u. God Bless U ALWAYS. Much luv


Mar 15, 2019 

John Keller, I just watch a story about you on Hardcore Heroes. Wow! Just wanted to commend you on keeping a calm head, thinking straight and saving all of those souls that God/the universe evidently placed in you care. Also just wanted to thank you for adding one to the score of humanity. I have helped people in my life though being prior military and I am also a nurse but what you did under those dire circumstances is just amazing. You are truly a hero! Peace/Blessings to you!


Feb 4, 2019 

To see the helicopters pass by day after day because of the color of someone skin, made me cry. To see you work thru all those problems you were facing, I just want to say to you JOHN KELLER, THANKS FOR BEING YOU. We need more people in this world like you. GOD BLESS OUR HEROES.


Feb 4, 2019

I just saw your story on AHC in Phoenix. I was born and raised in New Orleans and lost everything during Katrina. I am also a Marine Corps combat veteran, a survivor of the Siege of Khe Sanh, I just wante4d to let you know the immense pride I felt during your story and the acts you carried out for those in need, You sir...exemplify the courage of all United States Marines and especially Recon grunts. I was a 1371 Combat Engineer attached to Charlie Co. 2nd Bn 26th Marines. I salute you young man and pray God will always shine his love and grace upon you. Semper Fi Marine.


Jan 24, 2019

John, Every time I see your story on AHC it brings tears to my eyes. Thank you for your heroism and kindness acts for your fellow man. I'm proud to be a Marine, and it's a great feeling to know I have great brothers like you. Semper Fi, Marine! Thank you.


Jan 24, 2019

I just got done watching a show on the Military channel and what you did for the people in your building. I just wanted to tell you that it reinforces to me that there are still good people out there in this world today when I see your story. If there was more people like you in this world it would be a better place. Thank you.


Jan 14, 2019

Did you know you were going to have such an impact on people's lives?

Well you showed our country and the world how others should be treated. It brought tears to my eyes watching you take care of those people after hurricane Katrina. No man (or woman) left behind. God bless you and your family.


Jan 13, 2019 

I am a veteran. I am at this moment watching your story during Hurricane Katrina. The things you did to save the lives you saved is nothing less than heroic. I want to thank you for what you have done. I have no connection to your area in any way but, your story makes me believe in humanity again. I am white and when I saw that you had to put white people on the roof to get a chopper to land, we’ll that really irritated me. Thank you again for your deeds. I believe there are reserved places in heaven for people like yourself.


Jan 13, 2019

Mr. Keller, I saw you featured on AHCHD's Hardcore Heroes. You are an inspiration. Thank you for your service. God bless you always.


Jan 13 2019

I just saw your story, my god what a wonderful, wonderful man you are! May God always bless you and your family.


Jan 13, 2019

Hi John, i am from Mississsauga (a suburb of Toronto), Ontario Canada. I have recently viewed a documentary which you were part of. You are one amazing individual and certainly an American hero. I cannot believe that you had to place Caucasian’s onto the rooftop in order to get help. Inhumane! Thank you for what you did, as a marine and a citizen of New Orleans.


Jan 13, 2019 

Thank you for being a hero. Very touching story.


Jan 4, 2019

I just watched a documentary about you ! you are an incredible human being! it broke my heart ,( as a white man) to see the part where you had to put ONLY whites on the roof to get help! I hope you don't hold that against all of us white folks! I want to thank you for all you've done for this country! you are one of my favorite people and I've never met you!


Jan 4, 2019 

Me and my 85 yr old mom just saw you on tv... hardcore heroes...John,it gave me goose are a great man!!!thank you Eddie


Jan 4, 2019

Just watched a show called hardcore heroes I never knew about this I salute you devil dog


Dec 6, 2018 

I just viewed your story on Hardcore Heroes.
I'm in awe! i salute you and am glad to know that heroes do (((still))) exist! Thank you for sharing your story.
God Bless You, John


Dec 6, 2018 

I woke up on my couch this morning and the tv show Hardcore Hero’s is playing, telling the story of John Keller. What an amazing person.! If we had more John Keller’s in this world, what a beautiful world this would be!? John Keller’s story started my day off with my heart smiling. Thank you John and God Bless. A true man, marine and hero.


Nov 2, 2018 

I'm a stranger but I heard about what you did. God bless you! You’re an inspiration I’m going to teach my son about you.


Sep 27, 2018 

Just watched "Hardcore Heros" Thank you for your service and thank you for what you did after Katrina. You are the type of person that makes America great. God Bless you!


Sep 27, 2018 

I want u to know u are my hero.


Sep 27, 2018 

Just watched "Hardcore Heros" Thank you for your service and thank you for what you did after Katrina. You are the type of person that makes America great. God Bless you!


Sep 11, 2018 

Mr. Keller just watched your story on saving those people stranded in your building during hurricane Katrina! You are to be commended on your hard work getting all those people to safety! Great story of heartfelt sacrifice. May God continue to Bless and watch over you!!



Sep 11, 2018

Watched you on Nat. Geo the 2000's! Straight BEAST MODE!! that was solid and a selfless act!! If only their were more with that mindset. I apologize I'm like 13 years late but much Respect!


Aug 26, 2018 

Mr. Keller, I just watched your heroic efforts on Hurricane 360. You are a true American hero. Thank you for what you did during Katrina. I admire and respect you so much.


Sep 10, 2018 

Just watched for the first time all that you did to help those who were sick, or elderly. I want to come to New Orleans just to shake your hand. Thanks be to God for people like you. Thanks Mr. Keller for your service in and out of the service. Godspeed


Sep 7, 2018 

I just read your story about surviving Katrina. I would just like to let you know, that although this happened many years ago, there are still people out there who will always remember the little guys who became big guys. Thank you for being and unsung hero


Aug 26, 2018 

You, Sir... just WOW! My family and I just watched a documentary about Hurricane Katrina... on the Weather Channel. Even though I watch it every year (and lived through the struggle many miles away) I learn something new every time. YOU are a God send. YOU are the kind of person America is so hungry for. I just can’t say Thank You enough. I live in Northern Louisiana. Our church housed 150-200 people for was brutal. I can’t even imagine what you went through at ground zero with 400 who were mostly all sick...just know... you rocked it...! You make me proud to be a Louisianan! Thank you!! I pray that God has blessed you in ways you never even imagine possible! Thank you for being you, for loving people no matter the color of their skin, and standing up for those who couldn’t stand up for themselves. May God bless you always.


Aug 24, 2018

I just saw a show about you today sir and I had to say you are one of the most brave Americans I’ve ever heard of. I wish I could shake your hand and be more like you. I am not a kid I am an adult but your story has moved me in a way that makes me want to be a hero in my own way somehow to help someone and the fact that they wouldn’t toss rations to you until you put all the bite people on the roof; as a while man I find it appalling. They had to know by how you asked for help you were in the service of your country and that should have been enough. No actually the fact that you and the rest of the people are of the human race should have been enough to get help. I salute you Mr Keller.


Aug 24, 2018

Hi Mr Keller. I was just watching The Weather Channel and I saw you on the story about Hurricane Katrina and how you helped get all of those people to safety. You are such an angel and a God send. Did you know you were going to have such an impact on people's lives? Well you showed our country and the world how others should be treated. It brought tears to my eyes watching you take care of those people after hurricane Katrina. No man (or woman) left behind. God bless you and your family.


Aug 24, 2018 

I just saw what you did on the Heroes Channel. I'm a retired Canadian Colonel. Navy. I'm So Proud of What you Did. The World needs more Men like You. I've saved lives, but Nothing like what you did. It brought Tears to my eyes that they did what they did to you. Made you Suffer... because of your color. That is Unconsonable... I Hate Predudice. We Are all God's Children. God Bless You, Always John. So Happy that your Family made it Too. AMEN.. You are my Hero.


Aug 24, 2018 

Hi John I just watched hardcore hero's on AMC this am and as a white woman I just head when u had to put white people on the roof but u still didn't let that stop u from saving all those people!! I just want to thank u for what u did!! U are a hardcore hero!!


Aug 24, 2018 

Mr Keller....saw your story on TV this morning and felt compelled to drop you a line and thank you for the great human being you are..God bless you and your family


Jul 21, 2018

I am 'just now' watching Hurricane 360, "Battle Of New Orleans" on The Weather Channel and you John, are a real hero...remarkable actions & attitude on your part Sir! KUDOS! Thank you for helping all those people AND Thank You fir your Military Service...


Jul 21, 2018 

You've touched my heart like it's not been touched in years. Thank you for being you! Words can't explain my gratitude for giving me hope in humanity.


Jul 21, 2018 

God continue to bless this wonderful man. I just watched The Weather Channel about him. I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes thanking God for this fantastic man.


Jul 21, 2018 

Just watched Hurricane 360 Re: Katrina. The aftermath was so much worse than I understood. I want to thank you, salute you, for all you did in saving the lives of all those people. You are a strong man: Just what our country needs. I’m hoping to hear more of your contributions to NO and beyond.


Jul 19, 2018

You sir, are incredible. I realize you have military training and I’m sure that influenced many actions and decisions you made while helping/saving all those people. Thing is, what you did was more than hard core training and guts. Its heart 💜compassion for fellow humans and love within you. God Bless you!! We need more like you .. especially in today’s world. ✊🏼


Jul 6, 2018 

You are a hero! MUCH Love from Canada! I don't know anyone who would do what you did, on those horrible days. What an inspiration!


Jul 3, 2018 

John I just watched a show about Hurricane Katrina and Learned of your heroics. You are an amazing person. God bless.


Jun 23, 2018 

I am watching The Weather Channel Hurricane 360. This is the first time I have heard your story. First of all thank you for your service to this country. Second thank you for saving all those people in New Orleans and not letting those thugs hurt anybody. These days, few people care about others; it is nice to see people who care about others enough to put their own life in danger by confronting armed thugs like you did. You are a true hero.


Jun 23, 2018 

I just saw your story on the weather channel. You are my new hero. Thank you for that you did for those people. You are a great man


Jun 15, 2018

Triple Hero. United States Marine, Recon Marine, and Hero of Katrina. All Americans should know your name.


Feb 26,  2018 

You're my hero. Thank you for being a great PERSON, not black, white, brown yellow, just a great human being


Feb 26, 2018

I just watched a short documentary on Hurricane Katrina on the weather channel. I wanted to thank you for your commitment to humanity during those harrowing weeks. You are a true American Hero. Thank you for everything you did and continue to do.



Feb 26, 2018 

Just saw “Katrina” on Weather channel....what a caring, brave, inspiring, smart, innovative, persevering man John Keller is! Now, that’s what you call a Hero!!! Just knowing there’s people like you make me want to be the best me possible! Thank you,


Mar 6, 2018

I wasn't home when Katrina hit but I have been hearing about you for years and I had to find you and say thank you so much for what you did for our ppl of the city


April 20, 2018

I saw your documentary on Amazon Prime this evening. I'm quite impressed with you as an American. i would honor your friendship if I ever had that opportunity. Thank you for being the fine American citizen you are. I'm sure your mother and grand mother are quite proud of you too


Nov 10, 2017 


I watched a show called Hardcore Heroes. I watched your story of you saving people in the NO flood. I don't really know what to say... I am very proud of you and what you did for America both during your service and during Katrina. You are someone I would love my children and grandchildren (if I ever have any) to study your story and learn the great lessons in life you seem to have mater. Things like putting others first. self sacrifice, courage during adversity and not accepting failure. Americans like you are what makes America great. God Bless!

Just one more thing... Thank you for inspiring me to do more good in the world.


Nov 10, 2017

I just watched your story on Channel AHC here in Charlotte, NC. Without a doubt you are truly an American hero. Watching what you did for those people who were stranded at that building - it makes me optimistic about the human race. I hope they make a movie about what you did because the whole world will be inspired and amazed. God bless you my brother.


Oct 24, 2017


I just saw your story last night for the first time. I must say you are a hero of epic proportions. The actions you made were smart and courageous and unwavering and selfless. Your actions were huge. I had no connections with anyone who went through that horror, just sympathy and prayers. Your story touched my heart. Thank You from the bottom of my heart for your heroism. We can only hope there are many more like you who would step up in the time of need.


Sept 22, 2017

 just saw your story on amc channel. It is amazing what 1 person can do to help others and everyone should have your courage to protect the unprotected. If any one american desrves a movie about themselves, it is you. I hope that ultimately comes to pass.


Aug 12, 2017 

I saw your story on The Weather Channel's show, Hurricane 360, "Battle of New Orleans" about what happened immediately after Hurricane Katrina. You lived up to the wonderful reputation of the U.S. military personnel responding heroically in a crisis. I especially like your comments about how race became irrelevent as you defended your "white people" (neighbors) from thugs. John, I am so glad you were the "biggest lunatic" on the roof top that day! I rejoice in the triumph of Truth over evil every time I watch that episode. I am a native New Orleanian and have my own Katrina story but I never get tired of watching this episode.


Aug 8, 2017


I just watched Hurricane 360 on the Weather Chanel. There has been so much time that has passed and it still made me so emotional! I want to that you for all that you did to help all the people (your people) at the American Can Company! You have touched something inside me and I pray that I can always strive to be a better me! God needed you to be a warrior on foreign and domestic land! Thank you for not seeing color and only the need of your brothers and sisters! May God bless you always in all ways!


Jun 2, 2017 


Mr. Keller. God knew what he was doing when he created you. If humanity would be like you, hate would not exist, racism could not exsist, and true brotherly love would abound. If we are to preach the Gospel through our actions, your preaching would be deafening. When I was growing up, we had Superman. I would rather have had you. May God bless you always. He has your place at the table waiting for you.


Feb 10, 2017


I just watched Hardcore Heroes. You are truly American hero. I don't know you personally but I want to thank you for what you did. I hope if something goes down, we have more ppl like you. God bless


Feb 10 2017 


I had never heard of ur story but I just watched it on AHC:HardcoreHeroes, and I just needed to say you are a true hero. I'm a widowed single father of 3 boys 6,8, & 10, and your my hero!


Feb 13, 2017

I'm a Canadian miles away from where you live. But I heard and watched Katrina in action. I watched the news reports of how little was being done... and it sure looked that way. But today I watched a TV show that revealed your humanity and bravery. You are right, we are all just people. Thank you for your sound mind and brilliant problem solving skills John Keller. You are an American I would be proud to know. Bless you. Wishing you a long, meaningful and happy live filled with love. 


Aug 25, 2016


I just watched your story on hardcore heroes (History Channel). I have been military all of my life (Army Brat, Army, Navy, and Fl. Army Nat. Guard). Am now retired. Your story makes me very proud as a fellow soldier, fellow citizen, and fellow human being. You are an inspiration and a credit to all who gave birth to you, raised you, had a part in educating you, and all who had a part in training you and turning you into the man you are. I don't know you, but knowing about you makes me think that I would be proud to call you my friend. You are what all men should strive to be! Thank you for your service to your country and to your fellow human beings! HOOORRRAAAGGGHHH!!!


Aug 25, 2016 


I watched your story on the weather channel last night and then some more research on you as I was completely mesmerized by your story, with all that was going on during Katrina on the news I did not hear about this back when it happened. I want to thank you for being an amazing American. You are such an inspiration and embody the best of what it is to be an American and why I am patriot and so proud to be American. Thank you for your service to our country in Iraq as well. With all the bad news out there it is so important to look to people like you who are heroic, righteous and unbeliveably bad ass. I wish you were my neighbor, but just knowing there is an amazing American like you out there is wonderful.


Aug 25, 2016


I'm watching your story on American History Channel in Port Huron Michigan right now. OUTF***IN STANDING, your only the 2nd man to ever make me cry from a story, 1st being my grandfather, that is really f***in horrible that you had to display just the white folks on the roof to get a supply drop. It is very sad that our country still lives in the past after all of this time and fighting for everybody to be seen as a human. I wish we we're all color blind. That is one of the main things I miss about serving in the Marines, only one color, Green, just different shades. Yes, we do need more people like you to tell they're stories. I feel and believe that if everyone would forget about trying to feel superior just cause of skin color, and if the media would stop adding fuel to an atomic fire, it might die forever, out of sight out of mind. That just really f***in pisses me off about that. It should not of f***in mattered, I don't know you or anyone in your building or on the roof that week, but thank you, thank you for showing everyone what a human MAN, and veteran of the US MARINE CORPS should always want and try to do in any and every emergency situation, thank you and God bless you and thank you for your service in our military's finest branch. SEMPER FIDELIS,


Dec 27, 2016 


John keller, i'm watching you on hard core heros right now and i want you to know that A man like you are usually called God. i've seen people do heroric things , what you did is beyond being a hero. It hurt me when you said the chopper picked up the white people first. I'm so sorry and apologize for those pilots. Being white i can only say they should be ashamed, and by now they are probably embarrassed. My brother is a marine since he enlisted at 18 yrs. and still doing his part as a ammunition specialist in his 60 yrs of age. He's my hero and champion. You soldier, are what gods are made of. Si pa fi ( i know the spelling is wrong) Once a Marine always a Marine. Thank you, i will always say a special praise to Soldier John Keller on Veterans day. I hope you read this. If you do please send me a text to let me know you read this.


Oct 20, 2014


This morning after I saw your hard core heros story on the american heros channel. I invited all my friends (with any sense) to "like" your page . A couple have "liked" already, face book has reported. I hope they bother to find out whom you are and why I sent that to them. They should, I have never "invited" anyone to "like" anything on Facebook before, ever! When I saw your story I got so very much out of it. It just put me right. I had gotten disgusted by how much crap I see around me everyday. I had allowed it to bring me down. Stop me from doing all that I can do to make our land better, instead of just laying down and throwin' my hands up. Your Story just slapped...


   January 6, 2015


John Keller-The American Hero-


When the water withdraws from New Orleans-
when children move their little feet and
lift their faces of a thousand smiles- 
John will make his way to where he 
embraces to touch the blossoms of life-


John is not a man carried on the tide
as in a cradle of indolence-
He does not tremble in the
territory of courage- 
He does not wake at the shock of night
that is frightened by a sudden wave-


He carries in his heart a dove that sleeps-
with his hands he encircles the light


Nov 21, 2014


Dear Mr Keller.
I would first like to thank you for your service, and I would further like to say that you have been a inspiration to me in worst part of my life...I have bad depression. This is the reason I couldn't join the marines...I finished my MOS for 311 infantry only to be told that I couldn't make it. That same day I fell into a hole that I'm still in. Until I saw Ur story...and it helped me stand up and do what ever I could to not help myself but to use my self as a example to help those who need it...I know I wouldn't be able to be a marine and it really pains me to accept it. However you inspired me to do the very best I can do to have the mind set and the heart of a marine. Thank you


Jan 7, 2015


Hi Jonh! Im a french Canadian Woman like Céline Dion lolll.Sorry for mi english writhing im not use to! I saw on TV Canada your Story,I was sad to see that the color was important for the Army ,.To me people are people no mather what color .You are a champion and i wanted to tell you.Bravo!Bravo!From a white woman from Montréal! Je suis tres fiere de vous,vous etes un champion!! Im sorry for tha whit people ! The not all smarth.You are so spécial.Félécitation en francais!Jésus va vous récompenser.xx

Stay safe


Nov 21, 2014


You Sir are what makes me proud to be a Navy vet. I saw your story on hardcore heroes and at the time of Katrina I was attached to Naval Air Logistics in New Orleans. I am from Baton Rouge and all of us at the Command were so angry because we had assets and crews ready to go but had not gotten orders to do so for so many days. I only hope and pray that the part of your story to have all the white residents on the roof resulting in resources being dropped was a simple coincidence of timing. I am proud to be a part of your military family and you are an inspiration that I will share with everyone I know. BRAVO ZULU Outstanding job brother!


Sep 12, 2014


Hey man, I just got through watching an episode of American Hero I think it was called. I'm a 60 year old white veteran and this made tears come out of my eyes. I tell you man I hardly ever cry.. When you were telling the part of the choppers picking up the white people and not the black people it made me so damn mad I did't know what to do.What in the hell is this country coming to> I have almost as many black friends as white. [ just wanted to tell you that you are a true HERO and don't let anyone tell you you're not. MAY GOD BLESS YOU SIR !!!!


Nov 22, 2014


Mr. Keller,
Just watched your story on Hardcore Heroes. I had read about you earlier and it was nice to see the show. I had my son watch it with me to show what 1 man can do. I've been a Police Officer for 20yrs and did 20yrs in the ANG (I didn't do anything exciting but served). 
To tell the truth I became a tad angry and disgusted that you had to put white people on the roof to get aid, never heard that part. I pointed out to my son why it's important to stay in shape, know how to take car of yourself, how to think out of the box and to have a healthy mental attitude. As every good teenager he rolls his eyes LOL..




Nov 4, 2014


Hey buddy I heard the story of what you did for all those complete strangers and I just wanted to say your awesome your a good man I wish everyone was like you it really hit home with me when I seen the show hardcore heros I actually went thru through a similar situation with hurricane sandy in 2012 I lost my house and garage and all my tools you had me crying after watching the show yelling at the TV and cheering you on well thanks for all you did and thanks so much for putting your life on the line in the military! Thanks for your time buddy I would love to meet you one day and I really hope they make a movie about what you accomplished in your life!! One word buddy AMAZING!!


Sept 7, 2014 


I just watched the 360 on TWC. John, you are such a great inspiration as to what it means to take charge in a bad situation, "Leave No Man Behind," and step up to do the right thing. I have a couple of sons just entering 8th and 9th grades, and your story will be passed on to them.

I'm working in New Orleans for a few days and fly down in the morning. I can only hope to pass you on the street or see you in the Quarter and buy you a Barq's. Thank you for indirectly helping to raise my boys to be great men.


Oct 14, 2014 ·  Canada


Dear Mr. Keller, i have just seen your story on tv. your bravery, perseverance, and loving spirit have touched me deeply, i am still in tears. you sir are such an incredible inspiration, i feel honored and sincerely humbled to now know part of your story.


Sept 7, 2014

My wife and I saw your story on the Weather Channel. You may not think of yourself as a hero but we sure do. While some people either looted or sat waiting for someone else to save them you took action. What you did was incredible. I don't know if you have the time to read these posts but if you do I salute you.


Nov 18, 2014 · Norway 

Not just an American hero!
My hero and rolemodel!



Jun 1, 2015 10:29am

I just saw your show on the history channel. You aren't an American hero, you are a hero, period. People like you give proof to the best humanity has to offer. Je vous salue, mon ami. "I salute you, my friend

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