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January 6 at 11:08pm


John Keller-The American Hero-


When the water withdraws from New Orleans-
when children move their little feet and
lift their faces of a thousand smiles- 
John will make his way to where he 
embraces to touch the blossoms of life-


John is not a man carried on the tide
as in a cradle of indolence-
He does not tremble in the
territory of courage- 
He does not wake at the shock of night
that is frightened by a sudden wave-


He carries in his heart a dove that sleeps-
with his hands he encircles the light
of the wing that is growing-


His courage yearns to open-never to close- 
neither beside the field of iron hands
or in an embattled country-
He contains the emotions that beat
at his breast-like trembling tears-


John Keller-The American hero gives to us- 
a birth of light-full of blossoming hope 
from the ash's of destruction and devastation-
His heroism gives life to old buried tears-My tears-Californiaa

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