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Oct 20th, 12:12pm


This morning after I saw your hard core heros story on the american heros channel. I invited all my friends (with any sense) to "like" your page . A couple have "liked" already, face book has reported. I hope they bother to find out whom you are and why I sent that to them. They should, I have never "invited" anyone to "like" anything on Facebook before, ever! 

When I saw your story I got so very much out of it. It just put me right. I had gotten disgusted by how much crap I see around me everyday. I had allowed it to bring me down. Stop me from doing all that I can do to make our land better, instead of just laying down and throwin' my hands up. Your Story just slapped my face and jolted me back to reality. What's that famous quote "All it takes for Evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing."  

When I watched and listened to others that were present explain what you did. And I heard some of the things you said.. About your philosophy just in general. About how you think. What you learned in your time in the combat zone in the military. (I believe you said Iraq.) 

You said something very close to this.. 

"I learned in Iraq that you can't let that Fear take over, you can't give up, you can't let the others see you afraid or giving up or breaking, because the first guy who does that ends up spreading it to everyone else". 

(That is definitely a paraphrase and I'm sorry for that. But you know what I'm referring to that you said during the show. So anyways..) 

I then realized. I am doing that, TO MY FAMILY. I am doing that to my FRIENDS. I am someone they respect and listen to.. If I walk around defeated and explaining to them how and why we are defeated and backing it up with facts all damn day. Its going to bring them down. Its going to stop them. Its going to SPREAD. Just like you said. And right now, America can't afford for those with integrity and morality, who care, to lay down there idealogical arms believing the fight is lost. Evil is doing every thing it can right now to destroy the United States of America. Because if it can destroy us, the world will fall in behind it. I have become extremely discouraged by the behavior of anyone who goes to Washington. No matter their original intention, they either fall in line with the treasonous behavior that has become the standard, or they are bounced from their position and sent home. No good will be allowed to be done. And I don't want to get into what group is doing this and why. And by that, I certainly DON'T mean Republicans or Democrats, cause let's be honest here. They both answer to the same wealthy elite. Republican vs Democrat is an illusion. There is ONE agenda, and no matter whom the American people "vote" for.. The agenda will be moving in the same direction: FORWARD. 

But. Thats just it. Thats a hard reality to swallow. Its discouraging. But that does not mean you give up or live in fear. 
You just helped me a great deal. I just wanted you to know, you are STILL, ACTIVELY HELPING PEOPLES, RIGHT NOW. At 9am on a Monday morning in Georgia you were helping me.

I must say one more thing. It also helped me when you explained about the helicopters. I refer to the fact that they landed next store to pick up the white folk. Then you had the brains to stick all your buildings white folks up out there where they could see them... 

You said how hard that was. How you didn't want its to be true. Then it was and you said how much it hurts you. Because you had been a soldier and been all about and for your country. And then you gotta have THIS incident given to you to comprehend. 
I just wanted to say to you that, it was not wasted Mr John. It was not wasted. How you conducted yourself. The fact that you had to swallow that business and still do the right thing in the face of it, helped me THE MOST. It just DID. It helped me the most. Because if you can be handed that level of injustice at that time, in that situation, after doing all you did, and while you all where going through every thing you were... Then I can take it too. If you can do that. Then I should be able to turn the other cheek in ANY situation of injustice that I come across in my life and right afterwards do the right thing in the face of it, whatever that may be  
That was real hard to swallow just hearing and seeing you tell it on tv. Much less going through it in person. I was actually surprised, I don't know why, I should have expected as much.. But I guess I just wouldn't have believed it, until you told me. I will be thinking about the logistics of that for weeks. Why did they do that? Is it just some country boy pilots making that call on the fly to pick up all the white people they see first? Or did that order come down from on high? 
Thats just sobering. 

I wanna go ahead and say thank you Mr John one more time and also that I appreciate your time here today. I apologize for making you read all that /:) But I was moved, and these days it takes quite a bit to move me indeed, so I very much appreciated it  

Thanks again
Have a great day!

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